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Tenet's of our community

The noun tenet is defined as “a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true; especially: one held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession.” 



Trust is the lubrication that makes it possible for organizations to work.” -Warren Bennis

We show respect by:

• Communicating with courtesy, patience, professionalism and taking the time to listen to you

• Acknowledging your experiences, views and culture and giving you information about any options
available to you

• Being honest and open with you about things that may affect you

• Keeping personal information about you confidential. While this is subject to any overriding legal requirements we have to share information to keep you or other people safe, we show respect by following legal procedures properly and with integrity

• Keeping our appointments with you and keeping you informed if a situation changes

• If you leave a phone message for us, returning your call within 5 business days*

• If you send us an email or letter, replying to you within 5 business days*

We show trust by:

• Appreciating that you are best positioned to know what your needs are, and how your needs might be met

• Letting you choose from the options available to you in your situation

• Following the South Australian Information Sharing Guidelines for Promoting Safety and Well being when dealing with confidential information about tenants

We show inclusion by:

• Welcoming your feedback, including your ideas, complaints and compliments and giving you a variety of ways to provide your feedback

• Involving you in decisions that need to be made about your tenancy and keeping you informed during the decision making processes

• Treating you fairly and without discrimination by making sure our services are open to eligible people regardless of their characteristics, preferences or culture

We show integrity by:

• Being transparent and accountable for what we do - even if we make mistakes

• Acting without bias and per-judgement, while demonstrating flexibility to ensure equal opportunity and responsiveness to different needs

• Consistently fulfilling our legal obligations, following best practice standards and ensuring our own policies and procedures are adhered to in our service delivery

• Letting you know when we are unable to provide the services and support you need, and doing our best to assist you to find alternative services

• Providing you with accurate and relevant information

• Taking breaches of this charter and your complaints seriously

Acceptance of Identity.

Approach people as being neither inferior nor superior to you; give others the freedom to express their authentic selves without fear of being negatively judged; interact without prejudice or bias, accepting that characteristics such as race, religion, gender, class, sexual orientation, age, and disability are at the core of their identities.


Validate others for their talents, hard work, thoughtfulness, and help; be generous with praise; give credit to others for their contributions, ideas, and experience.


Give people your full attention by listening, hearing, validating, and responding to their concerns and what they have been through.


Make others feel that they belong, at all levels of relationship (family, community, organization, and nation).


Put people at ease at two levels: physically, so they feel free from the possibility of bodily harm, and psychologically, so they feel free from concern about being shamed or humiliated and free to speak up without retribution.



Treat people justly, with equality, and in an even-handed way, according to agreed-on laws and rules.



Empower people to act on their own behalf so that they feel in control of their lives and experience a sense of hope and possibility.



Believe that what others think matters; give them the chance to explain their perspectives and express their points of view; actively listen in order to understand them.


Business Partners

We seek mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, contractors, suppliers and other business partners, based on fair and ethical practices, including prompt payment within the negotiated terms. We require our supply chain to strive to meet the standards set out in these principles.

Safety and Health

Our vision is zero harm to those who work within our operations and to those around us. We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. We will ensure that safety standards are consistently applied across our operations, we will be rigorous in learning from incidents and in preventing recurrences.


Take responsibility for your actions; apologize if you have violated another person’s dignity; make a commitment to change hurtful behaviors.


Our vision for the environment recognizes the centrality of good stewardship in minimizing the impact of our activities from exploration through to mine closure. We will plan mines from the outset with a view to managing the environmental and social impacts of decommissioning and closure.


Indigenous Peoples

We recognize the strong cultural and spiritual affinity felt by indigenous peoples for land and the natural environment and the sensitivities created by many indigenous groups’ negative experience of mining. We, therefore, commit to handling our relations with indigenous communities in a spirit of respect and dialogue and to facilitating their participation in the opportunities created by mining.

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