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Journal of Integrity,
Corrosion and Inspection

What is JICI?​

JICI is an International open-access journal which covers the niche of Asset Integrity, Inspection Engineering and Corrosion Science in a broad range of energy industries not limited to Oil & Gas, Mining, Minerals and the Chemical Industries.

Our Mission

Our publications will focus on showcasing articles of study, innovation and research which will provide solutions to engineering problems. 

The Team behind JICI

 JICI was launched by Sidar Analytics Pty Ltd, a team of dedicated Engineering professionals experienced in the energy sector for one sole reason, to create a one stop source of quality information to help Asset Integrity, Inspection and Corrosion Engineers, Independent Contractors and Operators alike.   Our members will be invited to peer review any papers making this a true community approach.

Scope of the Journal

There will be one online edition, which is constantly updated.  This live journal aims to provide a high-level platform for Integrity, Corrosion Engineers, and Inspectors, Contractors and Client-Operators. The scope of all technical articles is limited to Asset Integrity, Inspection Engineering, Maintenance and Corrosion Science in the energy industries. 

What to look for in a JICI publication

It will showcase:

  1. Technical papers on cutting-edge advancements in Engineering R&D

  2. Current major research outputs in this field and key achievements

  3. Emerging technologies and progress in engineering science

  4. New Innovative Systems and Tools for the digital era

  5. Process Safety, Risk Analysis and Safe practices

  6. Discuss hot topics, areas of interest, challenges, and prospects in engineering development.

Send us your papers

We encourage all experienced industry professionals, scientists, researchers, innovators, inquisitive young minds and engineering enthusiasts to fuel us with your articles and technical papers to feature in JICI.  In addition to being a featured Author, JICI could be your platform to display a unique idea, introduce a product or an engineering breakthrough that you have come up with.

To send us your article, Click 'Submit a Paper'. Click here to view published papers.

Subscribe for free!

Subscribe as a JICI member for free and be the first to receive updates, published journals and E-mail articles. You get a chance to discuss topics on our technical forum with like-minded enthusiasts!!

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