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We are:

Registered, experienced, qualified, Integrity pressure Vessel, & corrosion, Chartered Engineers, Committed to Excellence. 

We care:

About pressure equipment, from inside and out, from manufacture to disposal, from top to bottom for the one vessel, and for the many.  We do that so that you can get on with running a profitable business and not worry about the legal or environmental issues surrounding substandard, leaking or unsafe equipment.

We protect:

The environment by avoiding loss of containment issues, fires, and explosions.

We realize that:

The journey through the inspection maze is sometimes longer than required, or needed, that's where we can help, coach and guide.  We carry out RBI analysis online using our own system, we train, build all of the corrosion loops/circuits, allocate damage mechanisms, analyse consequence, study historical inspection data, review, integrity management plans, analyze for risk and plan for a better outcome.

Would you like to move on with your career:

If you had trouble learning in the past, then it could be the way you were taught.  We take a different approach.

Our adult learning theory is founded on the principles that effective training is:

• Relevant

– to the experience or intended experience of the adult learner. Adults learn best when they see the relevance of the taught concept to their experience.

• Engaged

– the adult learner retains knowledge and concepts more readily if they are engaged in the process of discovery and exploration rather than being the recipient of information.

• Active

– the learning process should be active, and replicate as closely as possible the environment within which the skill or knowledge will be applied. Rather than memorizing code sections, adults would retain and apply knowledge more effectively if they worked to discover the content, and then were able to practice its application in a simulation or scenario.

• Learner-centered

– The traditional classroom taught concepts and prepared students to pass tests and other measures of their progress. Unfortunately, the student’s retention of that knowledge was often nominal beyond the confines of the class.

We provide:

• Training with study notes, mock exams and course completion certificate.

• Community technical forums

• Blogs

• Vlogs

• Practical RBI training using custom-built training software.

• Light board instruction with one of our presenters.

• JICI Journal of Integrity Corrosion and Inspection (a place you can publish your papers.)



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